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Did you fall in love with an image you've seen on this site? Why not make it yours? All images are available in matted and canvas prints. Shop online at my Facebook store, or drop me a note, tell me what you love, and I'll get it in the mail to you! I also have calendars, mousepads, t-shirts, and more!

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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and after having snapped over 100,000 photos, I don't think I have any words left so I'll let my pictures do the talking!

Join Me On The Adventure

Do you want to actually see the different places I bird, or how about learn more about the stories behind the photos? Check out my video blog as I "Trek Across Texas" and share my "Tales From the Trails."

My Favorite Places

I've travelled all over the state of Texas capturing images of the amazing wildlife around us. Want to know where my favorite places are and why? Click on the link below to "discover my favs" and see some of the images I've captured at the different places I frequent.

Backyard Bird Nerd
Backyard Bird Nerd

Birds of My Backyard

Since my birding obsession began with photographing birds in my backyard, it seemed only fitting to highlight some of the visitors I've seen in my backyard and neighborhood. Proof positive that you can enjoy nature with just a stroll around the streets where you live! Enjoy!

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I appreciate you taking the time to visit my site! If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a note, and be sure and like my Facebook page for current photos and information.